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Dr. Habib of Inspire Wellness San Diego talks about the new year & what you can do to be your optimal self.

Dr. Habib and Craig Sewing talk about the possibility of the in-home doctor visit coming back with the popularity of app-based services.

Dr. Habib is an entrepreneur focusing on preventative medicine in San Diego.

See what Inspire can do for you and your significant other...

Inspire changes the lives of men of all ages. Our goal is to make you feel 10+ years younger and get back to doing the things you love.

Women of all ages can benefit from Inspire Wellness' services. From general wellness to laser hair & botox, we have something for everyone.

The Shot Bar at INSPIRE is the perfect way to try one of our seven different wellness injections.


See our testimonials below!

    1. Excellent technique and skill with PDO threads. Impressive!

    2. Jen Mills google

    1. My experience with Dr. Dalhoumi is that he is very passionate about my needs and overall

    2. Michael A Testimonial

    1. "Very pleasant experience & happy with results! Dr. Habib is very gentle & careful"

    2. Michelle P. Testimonial

    1. "Very nice & lovely staff!"

    2. Reyna R. Google

    1. "I love this place. Everyone who works here is super helpful and very nice."

    2. Jennifer C. Yelp

    1. "Only doctor's office where it feels like you're just hanging out with a friend."

    2. Jan H. Testimonial

    1. "Extremely professional and patient with all of my questions and concerns."

    2. Brandon N. Yelp

    1. "This is the best experience I ever had."

    2. Shantaya B. Yelp

    1. "Great experience with the Em Sculp Neo. Great staff."

    2. Lisa P. Testimonial


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