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Habib Dalhoumi, MD

Lifestyle Medicine located in Mission Valley, San Diego, CA

Telemed is an innovative virtual doctor visit experience where patient and doctor meet for a quality of service consultation via video conferencing. Dr. Dalhoumi compassionately utilizes expertise in primary care and urgent care for the last 15 years to personalize high quality individualized patient care treatment plans designed to meet individual patient needs.

Telemed Q & A


Patient meets with Dr. Dalhoumi via smart phone, lab top, or pc for video conferencing and individual attention is prioritized to provide a caring and optimal individualized patient experience .

Services for patient treatment include primary care, urgent care, COVID-19 care, and medication refills. Patient confidentiality and HIPPA compliance are embedded and encrypted throughout the entire Telemed system.

Visits are scheduled with flexibility and ease thus avoiding clinic site visits. Telemed visits may take
place at home or wherever convenient for patients and they are user friendly.

Procedure for booking an appointment begins with simply going to URL (Telemed site) , completing patient profile form and automatic payment information. Requesting an appointment, and finally scheduling a consultation with Dr. Dalhoumi are completed all on line. Patient then receives a text message with secure link to begin the visit. Consultation schedule is designed between patient and Dr. Dalhoumi.

Question: How long are consultations?

Answer: Consultations may vary upon patient need from as little as 5 minutes to 60 minutes .

Question:How will my information be kept confidential?

Answer: Entire Telemed system is HIPPA compliant and fully encrypted .

Question: Is health insurance applicable?

Answer: Unfortunately Health insurance is not covered, but fees are set reasonably to all in order to deliver our quality of service.


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